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Okay, I realize I haven't updated lately, and I'll try to do a personal entry later, but for now I decided I wanted to talk a bit about Lost before tonight's episode.

I don't think I've really said much of anything about Lost in here all season, so it's a bit overdue. For starters - dammit, show, you've done it again. I didn't think it would happen, but I got back into the show majorly. I mean, I never completely gave up. I got way behind at times and had to catch up, but that was always the plan - I was always going to catch up, always going to see this through. But mostly in a "well, I've come this far" sense.

But now, I'm hooked again in a big way, and honestly I'm really regretting ever getting out of it, because Lost is and has always been one of those things that benefits from the fandom. There's a whole lot going on in the world of theory and speculation and clue-solving, so being a Lost fan is, in a way, a lot easier and a lot more rewarding if you've got some company. I've still been reading TWoP, and since TLo started blogging Lost over at ProjectRungay I've been reading their posts, but trying to get back into the forums and everything seemed too hard so I haven't done that. But damn, I WANT to! I LIKE the complexity and the clue-solving and the screen-capping and all that stuff, and I hate that I'm not in the middle (or even on the fringes) of it anymore. It's like the ride's about to end and I'm not even sure if I'm still on board. Blah.

ANYWAY, I used to write a lot about Lost in here and I'm not sure if I've said two sentences about this season, but hey, now's as good a time as any to start, I suppose.

And for some reason I'm quite...curious...about tonight's episode. I'd say excited but I'm not sure if that's quite right. I don't know if I have a GOOD feeling about this episode, I just definitely have a feeling, haha.

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omg I am up so much later than I meant to be up, but I finally hit the 20000 mark for nanowrimo! That was my goal for today, I'm so proud of myself. That was around 3500 words tonight, in like...2 hours or so. Maybe 3 hours. idk, anyway, I finally hit it!
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I'm so happy it's finally here! This morning I woke up, remembered that OMG ITS BEATLES DAY, threw off my covers, and got in the shower right away. I drove to Gamestop, playing Beatles music on the way, bought my copy, literally sprinted back to my car, and drove home. On the way home my ipod played "Twist and Shout" and I full-out did the twist while I was driving. And of course I sang at the top of my lungs. And drummed on my steering wheel. It was rather dangerous, actually, considering when I was doing the twist I did not have my hands on the wheel. TEN AND TWO, TEN AND TWO. (Bonus points to Keavy if she gets the reference!)

So I got home, danced my way to my door, tore open the plastic, ran downstairs, put the disc in, and grabbed my guitar. And...MY OWN WORKING WIIMOTE WOULDN'T WORK. I just SOBBED. DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I was seriously going to go out and buy a new one if it didn't start working. But eventually I got it...I refused to believe that BOTH of my wiimotes were broken, so I tried some different batteries. The other ones said they were half-charged but the new ones worked, so whatever. The other ones are charging now, we'll see if they manage to hold a charge.

So anyway, IT'S AMAZING. The absolute best part is all the animations. OMG SO GORGEOUS. I want to crawl into that world and live there forever. And doing graphic design for Apple Corps has long been one of my favorite daydreams and those animations are like the EPITOME of what I wish I could do with my life, so it's like OMG SOMEBODY OUT THERE HAS MY DREAM JOB. Ahhh. I seriously think I'm going to have to redo my LJ layout in honor of how AWESOME EVERYTHING LOOKS.

I really like the way the gameplay is organized, too. You earn photos for doing things - if you get 3 stars on a song you get a photo, another one for 5 stars, one for completing all songs in a certain set, and then that unlocks a challenge for that set and you get another photo for completing that. So then you can look through your photo album - the photos are of the boys, of course, and then each photo has a little anecdote to go with it. Nothing groundbreaking, basically all stuff creepy people like me already know, but it's still awesome. And then when you get a certain number of photos, you get a prize, which I guess is some sort of recording or video or whatever. I got one prize so far and it was the 1963 Christmas messages! Yayyy! I don't think I will ever not laugh at George going "I'M GEORGE HARRISON!" But anyway, I really like the whole incentive system, it's nice to have ways to set goals other than just beating all of the songs.

So, in addition to that, Glee premiered tonight! And it was SO good. Better than the pilot, IMO - I loved the pilot, but it seems like they really used it as an opportunity to get feedback and figure out what direction to take the show in. And I'm still drooling over Matthew Morrison. Oh my.